I have some good news and some not so good news. For those of you who listened to the instructions sent out by this site and booked your rooms at the Hyatt over the last few months . . . You chose wisely. We have 100 rooms booked at the Hyatt and it looks like folks are ready to get together. For the rest of you, WAKE UP!

The Hyatt had to cut us off two weeks before our cutoff date because they are FULL. I checked a year ago that there were no major events in Monterey for our weekend, so I wanted to know why they are sold out. Well, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are performing in Salinas that weekend. There aren’t enough motels rooms there to accommodate the participants and the crowd, so they are flocking to Monterey. HELLO!

So we went out looking for additional rooms. In order to get a discount, you have to book a block of 10 rooms. I have done that. I will publish that local motel information with the block of rooms and the secret password. You only have until 30-days prior to our Reunion to book your room at the reduced rate. That’s August 23rd!  After that I will release the block and you will pay more.

In addition, the list will have many of the local motels on Munras Ave. that look acceptable. They are close to the Hyatt and the PG School, and downtown. There is no military discount on weekends. Many give discounts to AAA and some to AARP. I know many of you will go out to Travelocity or Hotels.com and go for the lowest price. Please be careful. You do not want to be on the east end of town. Enough said.

We are two months away from a great Reunion. Everyone who has not booked a room and/or sent in your registration, please do so soon. It will help the Committee finalize plans with the two venues.

See you soon. Flight jackets approved. No ties required.

Tom Spink
Santa Clara Committee Chairman


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