What is the “West Coast” Reunion?
We are a reunion of VP officers held on the West Coast, and are not associated with the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (MPRF) Professional Symposium held annually on the East Coast. Nor are we officially associated with the U.S. Navy.

Since when and why?
In 1993, a group of retired officers and spouses in San Diego decided to try to organize a West Coast reunion, and activated their network of VP friends and contacts. Though most of those who attended the first reunions had served at Moffett Field or Barbers Point at some time in their careers, we are definitely not restricted to those who served or are currently living on the West Coast. We are not a formal organization, but an informal network of active and retired VP officers who live in the San Diego, Santa Clara Valley, SF Bay, and Monterey Bay areas.

For a more complete history, see VP West Reunion  History.

Why only “VP Officers” and not “all hands”?
We are a community reunion, not a unit reunion, and do not want to compete with or repeat squadron all-hands reunions.

How often and where are the reunions held?
We try to organize a reunion every 2-3 years, alternating between San Diego and the Santa Clara Valley, where most of the organizing members live. Our reunions normally take place in late October or early November, when the weather is finest on the West Coast and calendars are light. We’re open to suggestions for other locations, as long as it’s on the West Coast, and volunteers are available at the location to organize.

How do I get invited?
We openly invite all active duty, reserve, and retired Navy Maritime Patrol (VP) officers of any type VP aircraft (including allies), and their spouses to attend our reunions. If your address or email is in our contact list database, we have tried to contact you, formerly by postcard or telephone, but more recently by email alone. If you haven’t been contacted recently or at all, we encourage you to register, so you can receive notices of reunion planning activities and keep track of your shipmates.

What is the Contact List Database?
It’s the database of VP officer contacts first assembled in 1993 through personal networking. In 2002, we inaugurated this web site and gave visitors the ability to self-subscribe. There are currently 1,244 names in the list, 718 of which are self-subscribers. Many of those 526 contacts who are not self-subscribers may still be unaware of this site and do not have access to the database. If you self-subscribe, you help us keep your information current and get access to the database.

Why should I subscribe?
Subscription enables us to notify you about the next reunion. It doesn’t commit you to attend, but does make it easier for you to reserve attendance if you choose to attend, as well as find out who else may be attending. We do email occasional notices to those in our database (replacing the hundreds of post cards we mailed in the past), but we do not send advertising, nor do we provide our data to anyone else. Only your name and squadron history will be visible to other members. (See our Privacy Policy.) You can unsubscribe at any time. To ensure you receive notices, and your mail service employs a strong spam filter, make sure vpreunion.com is on your list of “safe” or “whitelisted” domains.

I forgot my password or my email address has changed.
If you forgot your password, click on the Request Password link in the Contact List form. If your email address has changed, you can re-register under your new email address, or use the Contact Us form to let us know and we’ll make the update.

Who is attending the next reunion?
The R.S.V.P. (and regrets) list may be viewed in the database. However, you need to be be registered and logged in to see it.

How do I query the Contact List database?
Click on the Query Help bar below the the type of query you want to perform to display tips on using the query.

I have contact with someone on the “lost contact” list, or I know VP shipmates who aren’t on any list.
By all means, please pass along the contact information, or contact your “lost” or missing shipmate yourself and direct him or her to this site.

Also, please notify us if you see the name of a contact who you know is deceased.


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