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“Adak, the Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586” to come out in paperback.

The Naval Institute Press told me last month that they plan to re-issue “Adak” in paperback later in 2011. The book, the true story of VP-9 Crew 6’s ditching off Kamchatka in 1978, was a 2003 publisher’s selection for best book of the year. It is still available a few places in hard cover.

“Adak” was my first book. Since then the Press has published three others: “Sailors in the Holy Land,” “The Last Lincoln Conspirator,” and–next month–“Horrible Shipwreck!”

The last, “Horrible Shipwreck!” is the story of the wreck of the British female convict transport “Amphitriite” off the French Coast in August 1833. All but three on board drowned.

I’m now working on a fifth book, for the moment called “Congo, or the Short Life and Miserable Death in 1891 of Lieuternant Emory Taunt on Equatorial Africa’s Great River.”

It should be published in 2013.

I’d be happy to talk to anyone interested in my books or in writing for publication more generally.

Best wishes, Andy

Andrew Jampoler (VP-19 76-78, NASMF 81-83)


Firefox P-8A Persona

If you’re using Firefox 3.6, you may be aware that it uses themes (oddly referred to asĀ “personas” — is “theme” no longer a useful word?).

Here’s a Firefox theme — sorry, persona — that may be of interest to some:



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